Thinking Pattern (Preview)

The understandings of reality and non-reality throughout human’s understanding or to understand humanity evidently had never been used in their daily life, maybe this is not one of our consciousness sciences or non-academics. Each of us have our own thinking methodologies we currently use, however, the separation between thinkers would causes confine patterns of our thinking to understand human using reality or physic which is clearly seen. We may see and elaborate subsequently deeper from what we have seen in reality. The evaluation of humanity is not always considered wise, but it would make us more intelligence in developing ourselves.
The awkwardness on adopting any ideas from different individuals would affect negatively our thinking in comparing between one opinion and investigation with one another, rarely people have their own stance which they are always stick on whenever they think it as right and absolute in one aspect although it is not in another aspect. The thought of an individual maybe incapable in representing who they are since what we have done or doing not always came from what we think. This happened when there is another contingency planning or circumstances such as mercy, tolerance and respect with one another. Different views among peoples may cause them to think of something impossible or too easy to care about. However, this is not one of an important matter to be observed, this is because majority of humans react over their conscious assumptions though it may not be in consciousness conditions. Sometimes people are able to understand clearly what they had been thinking, however, in several conditions make them difficult to harmonize their opinion with the others. Though, we may not able to realizing our ideology as easy as what we think, but, we are always afford to claim our vision which rises from the deepest angel of our mind.


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